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Youth Sports Conditioning

The ultimate blend of fun, fitness, and skill development designed specifically for young athletes on the rise! At Summit Fitness Durango, we believe in fostering a passion for sports while building a strong foundation of physical health and athletic prowess.


Dynamic Workouts: Our expert coaches have crafted a program that combines dynamic exercises, agility drills, and strength training tailored to the unique needs of young athletes. From improving endurance to enhancing speed and coordination, each session is packed with activities that make fitness enjoyable and rewarding.

Skill Enhancement: Beyond the physical aspect, our Youth Sports Conditioning Class focuses on honing essential sports skills. Whether it's mastering the perfect pitch, refining ball control, or enhancing court agility, our coaches provide targeted guidance to elevate your child's game to the next level.

Age-Appropriate Training: Safety is our top priority. Our coaches are experienced in tailoring exercises to suit the age and skill level of each participant, ensuring that every child can progress at their own pace while having a blast in a secure environment.

Enroll your young athlete in our Youth Sports Conditioning Class today, and watch them thrive physically, mentally, and socially. Let's build a foundation for a lifetime of active and healthy living together!

If you have questions or would like help registering email or call 970-769-3297

Check out the youth class schedule

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