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Discover the Power of Strength and Confidence with a Tailored Fitness Program Designed for Outdoor Lovers in Durango

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Summit Fitness is the best! The coaches are amazing and the classes are challenging and fun. Summit is the first gym I've found that keeps me going back on a regular and consistent basis. It's great that they also offer a kids class at the same time as the class I'm able to attend. My 9 year old daughter loves the kids class!


Summit Fitness is a wonderful gym community for all fitness levels. The coaches and members challenge you to push yourself, hold you accountable and provide a supportive, energetic, fun atmosphere. The flexibility with class offerings, variety and people have kept me coming back for more each year. Hands down the best gym in town! Thank you, Summit!


My favorite gym in Durango. The coaches are great & the variety of classes are stellar. It’s a great gym to both ease into & learn about exercise for beginners, as well as a place to really challenge yourself and build your physique as you progress.


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